Saemar of the Thunder Atoll's ledgers and history

A spark of destiny
The sinking of The Cent

The ledgers must be maintained, and history remembered. 

After my brief but eventful stint aboard Captain Blackbeard's ship, I found myself with part of it's crew drinking and spending my petty wages from the latest haul in a small bar in driftwood city.  The pirate's life (or privateer as the captain insisted) was exciting and full of wonderous tales, but in the end they were but a bunch of cowards.  I would imagine that part of his crew felt similar, because they stayed in port after Blackbeard's ship left.  They seem to be capable, and they hold themselves well in battle.  We even linked up with a couple of scions of the Djinn1; an elder touched by the arcane, and a boy that tends to the groves. I had a sense that this group has a spark of destiny about them.  

We found the kindling for this spark while drinking some strong ale in a tavern on the port side of town.  A man came in complaining that his adventurer of a wife had been gone at sea for too long, and immediately asked for our assistance. Curious about his wife's deeds, and the man's promise of treasure, we quickly agreed to help the man.  As luck would have it, the other three people in the bar were captains of vessels docked nearby.  

There was an ex-navy captain with a military vessel.  I found him to be a bit greedy, asking for 50% of all the treasure that was found.  However the man had a sort of confidence about him, and I doubt we would find ourselves in the situation we are currently in if we chose his fighting ship.

The second was the owner of a stealthy smuggling vessel.  From our brief encounter, she didn't seem to be much of a captain.  She didn't ask for any percent of the plunder, just for a favor.  However since she wouldn't explain what the favor was unless we chose to use her ship, we quickly declined.

Lastly we met the captain of the Cent.  I have no doubt in my mind that he had won this ship in some wager, as he does not have a captaining bone in his body.  He was brash, obnoxious, and very, very loud.  However he won the rest of the group over with his promise of partying, and just one tenth of any hoard.  I have little respect for this man.

An uneventful two day journey to the island where the woman we are searching for was known to be ended abrubtly with Keith the druid not doing his volunteered job spotting trouble.  After a near collision with rocks, the boat was beset by unnatural plant creatures from the depths.  We steered the ship as far as we could go, and took a rowboat ashore.  The rest of the crew of the ship sans Steve the cook made it out alive on a separate boat, but we have not seen them since.

After fighting off more of the vine tentacles, our goliath rowed us to shore.  We found the woman's boat, as well as some supplies.  Him Jawkings spotted a cave at the peak of the island, and we found tracks that seemed to lead there.

Following the trail led us to a man made alarm system.  A couple of bells strung together across two trees was probably set up to alert those nearby of any trespassers.  Unfortunately a nearby dryad called out to our party after hearing our squabbling, and our brashful druid went up to the spirit of the forest claiming that the island and forest she was in now belonged to Keith's family. She summoned a pair of owlbears, while half of our group hid, and prepared to strike. 

1: genasi

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